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Policing and Public Safety Committee

The PREC Policing and Public Safety Committee advocates for public safety investments that avoid the harms of racism within our town and our broader community. We want our families and neighbors to be safe, and our security does not require a trade-off between security and harmful, racist practices. 


We believe effective public safety requires a holistic problem-solving approach that goes beyond just policing, and that this approach requires genuine community engagement, empowerment and - in some cases - control, as well strong partnerships across our region. 


We work by encouraging collaboration between Piedmont residents, the Piedmont Police Department, and the Piedmont City Council as well as anti-racism and public safety advocates and organizations beyond our city’s borders. 


Our efforts include educating the Piedmont community about racial justice and public safety practices and creating opportunities for community discussions; supporting better public safety data collection and outcomes analysis; and working with external partners to bring in best practices. 


Committee Chairs: Susy Struble and Fairuz Abdullah

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